Nobber stole my bike!

If I find you, you'll wake up in the river attached to a shopping trolley.
A person pushing my bike down the street after stealing it

Seriously… at 3:55 this morning a male human of indeterminate race, of average height managed to steal two bikes and a lawnmower (the whole lot being chained together in an attempt at stopping this… which worked once before when some other tit broke into our shed).

If you’re curious here is a pair of youtube videos I captured from my CCTV camera. This first one shows the thief happily strolling into our front gate and going around the side. The side where the back gate isn’t which is interesting to know… And this second video shows him pushing our bikes off down the road.

If you want reasonably cheap and not-too-bad CCTV cameras, go on eBay and find ‘dbPower’ PTZ IP cameras. Then make a Linux box work and use ZoneMinder to record images from it. There will be a blog post shortly explaining how to set them up together once a second one has been posted to me.