Ideas that should exist – Twitter Toilet Roll

There seems to be a craze of connecting bits of hardware to the Internet, and then making these devices either update Twitter, or download stuff from it. There’s everything from my own contraptions, uses for old PCs to chairs that tell the Internet when you fart. Maybe I’ve just come up with an idea that’d complement the twittering toilet

We all know Twitter is a bit pointless, but also curiously compelling to read.

So why not have a toilet roll dispenser that, at the push of a button, prints out the latest 50 or so tweets on the Twitter timeline or your own tweet list onto some nice two-ply for you. Read the messages then wipe your bum on them and flush away!

This would also be a great way to show those spammers what you think of their “vertically oriented SEO optimization, entrepeneurial make-money-fast” help websites. The device could even filter based on some criteria so only the useless messages get printed, and then @reply to the authors with “@yourname thinks your last post was so pointless, it’s now on a piece of their toilet paper”.

And like most homebrew hardware projects, this needs to use an Arduino with at least six shields, a host PC and several miles of cat5 cabling 😉

Connecting my GPS to my N810 and other madness

Firstly, before I get onto the good stuff I’ve just received an email from a website containing a login password. Here’s the email:

Your username is: XXXXXX
Your password is: YGb(vIa^)OEK

Now I’m all for unguessable passwords, but adding punctuation into the mix is going a bit too far! And before you wonder, no I don’t really care that I’m plastering a password across the Internet because it doesn’t work any more.

So, today I have just got around to writing up how I have connected my Nokia N810 to my Garmin eTrex GPS so that I can download data from the GPS using GPSBabel (which I had to recompile). You can find the writeup on my main website at this address.

I have also written about how I found an actual use for Twitter!

And finally I’ve finished installing things into the Compaq Presario 486 I was given. It now has the ability to go online and the hackjob 486 DX2/66 upgrade with heatsink and fan seems to be holding too. I will now install Doom on it just as a test. It can then go and sit somewhere with DOS games on. I need to write this up later.