Sprinkler Rainbow’s

I keep a little blog called Insane in the Membrane which links to various YouTube videos that show conspiracy nuts and crazy religious people frothing at the mouth.┬áIt’s not updated that frequently so you won’t get spammed with information, it’s just videos that’ll amuse you. All videos, no long rambling texts. Kind of like late night TV. Brain off, watch the pretty images and giggle.

Here’s one I just found, all about rainbow’s[sic]

Sprinkler Rainbows

Kinescopes and old TV

Following on from my earlier post about vacuum tubes I’ve found this YouTube video. It’s a 1949 NBC program comparing their first attempts at TV with the ‘current’ (in 1949) technology. It’s amusing that this video contains some of the first TV recorded, rebroadcast using a slightly better technology, then presumably rebroadcast again on modern TV, and now it’s on YouTube.

How vacuum tubes were made

I found these fascinating videos showing how vacuum tubes used to be made.

You can find part 2 here.

And if you want to know how tubes work, here’s a series of videos explaining them

Electronics at work Part 1

Electronics at work Part 2

Diodes have two plates. Triodes have three. That’s why they’re called ‘diodes’… I never knew that before.

Keep it simple, stupid? Naah… Rube Goldberg had it right

While trailing around the Internet, and once again finding the Honda Accord advert (the one with the little cogs and stuff that roll around in some giant Rube Goldberg Machine) I came across another done in a similar style.

Only this one was done back in 1987, and involves fire and explosions and fireworks. And chemical reactions. The makers seem quite eager to set the floor of their “studio” on fire. And thanks to the wonders of YouTube, you can see the video…

It’s called “Der Lauf Der Dinge” and is 30 minutes long. It starts off quite slow but gets progressively more amusing and interesting to watch. They have some wonderfully flammable and corrosive looking foam in several places.

And if that’s not enough, here’s a very amusing Rube Goldberg Machine done entirely in the Half Life 2 gameworld.

Still not bored? Press here for a whole 4,000 of them.

Remember kids: Try this at home.

Earth to Planet-Cruise…

It seems the World’s second most famous Scientology fruitcake..err nutter…hmm aha! believer has either been at the “special” Kool-aid, or is completely out to lunch, dinner and tea. Go and watch his rather bizarre babbble. Yes, it’s the one from YouTube that was removed, but thanks to the magical nature of the Internet someone else has it now.

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